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Mike Moss

Dear all,
We are currently improving our UX and implementing the new design as we speak.
Hence we will push some related updates such as hotkeys that are now available on our APP + Dark mode.

We are working hard on the subtitles export bugs + adding max lines per subtitle card as our priority! It just takes some time!

Thank you again for your patience and continued support.

Kind regards,
Michael & the NOVA A.I team

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Mike Moss

Status changed to: Live


Pint Of Optimism

J is reverse/rewind. K is stop/pause. L is play/fast forward. Single taps for speed adjustments. 1x, 2x, 3x etc.

I want to clarify that you intend to use J & L to skip forward or backwards 10s. Might want to check with others but that wouldn't be standard for anyone that edits.


Mike Moss

We are Implementing following hotkeys:


Toggle playback - Space

Skip forward 1s - Tab

Skip backward 1s - ShiftTab

Skip forward 10s - l

Skip backward 10s - j

Seek to start - Home


Copy - ctrlc

Paste - ctrlv

Move top - ↑

Move right - →

Move bottom - ↓

Move left - ←

Bring forward - ctrl↑

Bring to front - f

Bring backward - ctrl↓

Bring to back - b

Delete element - delete

Deselect - esc

Set start time to current time - i

Set end time to current time - o

Split video at current time - s


Move to previous - ctrl[

Move to next - ctrl]

Insert after current - a

Split subtitle at current time - s

Split subtitle at caret position - ctrlEnter


Undo - ctrlz

Redo - ctrly


Mike Moss

Status changed to: In progress


Pint Of Optimism

JKL, IO, space bar start to start/stop at the very least.


Mike Moss

Status changed to: Planned


Mike Moss

Status changed to: Under review